Description of main activity

We are the company that creates Ana and Cornel products and operates stores with the same name. We deal with the delivery of our meat products to the south-east of the country and to several countries in Europe.

Carnia is the place that more than 800 members of our team consider a second home and that our domestic and international partners associate with professionalism, fairness, respect for commitments and business ethics.

The Carnia brand was founded in 2019 and is currently functioning as an image for our company, replacing Ana and Cornel, who now has the role of brand in the relationship with our consumers and can be found on our products and in our stores.

Although a new brand, Carnia has taken over all the history, lessons from the past, the experience and relationships that Ana and Cornel have gathered in the nearly 25 years of existence. We are, therefore, a new brand that has a long experience on the market and enjoys the respect of the Romanian cold meats industry.

The place we occupy between the cold meats producers

With a turnover of 43 million Euro, over 800 employees, a market share of 4% and a history of 25 years, the company Ana and Cornel is ranked in the first three places of the top of the most important cold meats companies from Romania, with a production capacity of 20.000 tonnes per year.

Products for all tastes and recipes!

Our products start from recipes passed down from generation to generation, but always improved with other combinations of new tastes.

The cold meats from Ana and Cornel are created and produced according to family recipes, with fresh ingredients and care for the consumer's health.

We maintain the taste that consumers value in our products, by carefully monitoring the recipes and the quality of the ingredients, even if the production processes and facilities are constantly evolving.

We have around 200 products in the assortment range: salami, sausages, specialties, pre-cooked products and fresh pork, beef and poultry.




Smoked products


Thick rosy sausage


Pig head cheese

Pre-cooked products





Chilled pork






Our products reach customers from Muntenia, Moldova, Dobrogea and Oltenia through our distribution system, coordinated from Bacau, Mizil, Constanța, Frâncești locations.

With more than 200 cars, our company delivers daily fresh products in the shortest time, in order for the customers to enjoy a meal for all tastes, in the quiet of your home.

Through the retail business line, we manage and develop our own network of over 90 stores, concentrated in the southeastern part of the country.

The direct experience of the relationship with our buyers and consumers has helped us to improve our responsiveness to consumer trends and the ability to create new products, to the taste of the customers of our stores.

The products made from passion were the basis of the evolution of the company over the 25 years of its existence on the national market.

Ana and Cornel cold meats are: salami, sausages, specialties, pre-cooked products, as well as fresh pork, beef, poultry, all created and produced according to family recipes, with fresh ingredients and concern for the consumer's health.

We inspire everyone with whom we work the idea that we are a company dedicated to the preparation of products without compromises, observing the highest standards.

Business model

The accelerated development of our company was decisively supported by a structure organized on lines of business that helped us to evolve in a coherent way over time.

We like to think of all the members of our organization from all over the country as a single team, working together under the same guidance to put on the tables of Romanian families constant quality meat products at a price that as many consumers as possible can afford.

Although we develop numerous interdepartmental programs and projects and we are in a permanent process of supporting and encouraging internal communication, our departmental structure effectively organizes our daily activities.

Increasing the number of employees

At a time when the team was extremely limited and there was no culture of making meat preparations in Mizil, it required unlimited passion and time dedicated to business development.

This handful of people who at that time the management of the company, worked side by side with the subordinate people, involved in the smallest details of the business, taught the new employees from the  production department all the aspects that they had to know and did not back out from any kind of work.

Today, the number of employees has increased considerably, reaching a total of over 850 employees.

We are proud of what Carnia has become in its 25 years of activity, the standards it has redefined with each occasion, the met expectations of consumers, often, exceeded, but also the team of over 800 people with whom we make all this possible.