The production of meat and semi-cooked products is the first line of business with which Ana and Cornel brand started 25 years ago. It continues to be the heart of our entire organization, the one that energizes everything we do and inspires us to become better every day.

Our products start from recipes passed down from generation to generation, but always improved with other combinations of new tastes.

We have around 200 products in the assortment range: salami, sausages, specialties, pre-cooked products and fresh pork, beef and poultry.

Marian Gomoiu

Director Producție

Directorul de producție Marian Gomoiu, activează în compania noastră de 12 ani, având o experiență de 25 de ani în industria alimentară. El are în subordine peste 150 de oameni, pe care îi coordonează cu dăruire și implicare. Ne face o deosebită plăcere să avem printre noi astfel de oameni.