Beyond business procedures and objectives, we value the ethics and moral values we have learned in our families - we believe that no material gain or short-term praise deserves to be discounted from common sense, politeness, collegiality, truth and taking over responsibility.

All our processes, values, beliefs and activities are based on the principle of accepting interdependence - this helps us enormously to take responsibility for what we do, because someone else will take over and carry on our work, to understand the importance of our work as part of a whole, to respect the others, who respect us in their turn.

Social responsability

Our company is a product of the community, so it is perfectly natural for us to return some of our well-being to the communities we come from.

We have tried over time to internally encourage internally the help given to those in need as one of the important values ​​of our company, part of the pillar of ethics and moral values.

One of the biggest projects supported by our company was achieved in 2009, when we sponsored the construction of a church in Maramures style: After the completion of the construction, the church was donated to the Romanian Patriarchate and today became a landmark in Mizil, to the joy of the community.

Quarterly and monthly, we sponsor various children's homes, nursing homes, cultural programs and special cases of people in difficult situations. Every year, in the Christmas and Easter campaigns, we send a package of Ana and Cornel products to at least 1000 disadvantaged people who need our help. In order to cultivate the future, we internally promote volunteer actions of our employees. Every year, a team of 10 people, employees of the company, help distribute the packages to the people needing help.